Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Japanese Styling Event at CWS!

This evening I participated in the Japanese Heritage Styling Event at CWS. It was really fun putting this outfit together. The traditional Japanese clothing is the Kimono. From the 20th, century, the clothing styles have changed blending different styles. The items which come within the traditional Japanese clothing is Kimono, Yukata, Obi Belt, and many more.

I wore an outfit created by Curious Kitties that resembles the traditional Yukata outfit. I also wore  sandles created by Zeta by KID that resemble the traditional footwear for the Japanese culture. My hair was in an up-do created by MAIKO with chopsticks holding it in place.

My shape is created by me and my skin is created by LAQ.

CWS is amazing and I REALLY enjoy all of the events.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

CWS Cowgirl/Cowboy Styling Event

            On Monday January 30th, I participated in the cowgirl/cowboy styling event at CWS. It was so much fun because I am a country girl at heart. I grew up in a country town with a nice southern accent. Moving away for college, I have lost my accent but on occasion, it stills likes to show up. :D At this event, I wore:

An outfit made by Trinity including a Grey cowgirl hat
The dark shorts were created by BM
My heels were created by Made for Walkin
My skin was created by LAQ and my shape is from Sophistishapes with some modification done by me.
My hair is made by Truth

                          I always enjoy the styling events at CWS. They are alot of fun!! :D

Friday, January 27, 2012

CWS Creative Lingerie Styling Event.

On Thursday Jan 26th, I participated in the creative lingerie styling event at CWS. I had a lot of fun in the event with the other ladies competing and I had on my tag as a CWS New Model 2012. I am soo excited that I passed and working on my goal to becoming a great model. :D I did not place in this event, and the ladies did very well in the event. Congratulations to the winners that night. I always love doing things with fellow models and inspiring models.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CWS Final with Anrol :D



         Today, Jan 25th, 2012, I had my final with Anrol. I ran into issues with my VPC which made me upset because I have not ran into any issues yet and I put in everything that was required but that was something completely on my part. I also need to buy more poses for my huddles that make them all different and show diversity on the stage. I have some tweeking to do on my huddles with more poses but overall I feel I did ok on my final. Anrol is sweet and was very patient with me. Thank you Anrol for everything and I absolutely love CWS! :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CWS Midterms!

           Friday Jan 20nd, we had the first part of our midterm. Before the start of the Midtem, My RL husband became really ill and I had to log quickly to rush him to the ER. It has been a rough few days helping to take care of him and make sure he is taking his medications. The drastic weather changes took a bad toll on him. Well today Jan 22, while he was laying down to get more rest, I logged on to try and make the rest of my midterm and to explain to the professor what was going on. The professors at CWS are so unbelievably caring, its indescribable. I contacted DebbieDoo to let her know what was going on and she had nothing but kind words to say to me and great concern. :D I have never met such awesome people here in SL. They worked with me as I had to check on my husband every so often to make sure he was ok. I was able to complete my midterm all thanks to these wonderful ladies working for CWS. I just want to thank everyone, the students and the professors at CWs for being so kind and caring to me during this time. :D it REALLY means alot to me!! I LOVE YOU ALL AT CWS!!!!
                                       ALL THE WONDERFUL PROFESSORS AT CWS

DebbieDoo Tigerfish

Laylah Lecker

Tiffani Celesalis

Lissana Rossen and Vicky Yoshikawa

Thursday, January 19, 2012

CWS Creative Princess Styling Event.

Today I participated in the Creative Princess Styling Event and I placed 2nd :D...I was so excited. That was the first time I have placed in a styling event and it was great! I really can't wait to participate in more styling events creating combinations of outfits showing elegance and beauty. I have learned so much in CWS so far and I am excited to keep learning more. The professors are amazing...I can't say that enough! :D

 Today I created an enticing combination that I thought best suited the theme creative princess. I wore:
-Utopia Enchanted dress
-Dirty Rich Hair
-Elegant heels from shoenique
-My shape was from Sophistishapes with a some modification by me
-Skin by LAQ
-My Tiara was created by Nightfairy's

I had SOO much fun in the event today. My huddles were working properly and I aligned my poses to fit just right for what I was wearing. Thank you for all these wonderful opportunites CWS (Anrol and Steve and all the faculty)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CWS Class!

Today I completely finished my long and short BIO's and they came out great! The pictures I added created by me. We have our midterm coming up this weekend and I am excited to see how it turns out. I have been trying to participate in the styling events but when the events take place, I have to eat dinner RL but I am going to try and make more of them! I really enjoy CWS and the people I have been able to meet. Everyone is so kind and willing to help others. That is what a true family does for one another and I am proud to be a part of it!